Easter Sunday 2020

Message from Pastor Samantha Perret

Holy Week Blessings!
“Give thanks to the Lord, for the Lord is good; God’s mercy endures forever!” (Psalm 118:1)

This psalm passage appears both on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday and provides continuity and connection between these two festive days. The sense of gratitude for God’s blessings is carried with us throughout Holy Week and this reminder can be helpful in the best of times. 
This year, I find the call to give thanks is even more important. As we spend Holy Week in relative seclusion, with the presence of a dangerous virus in our midst and as we worship at home, we sometimes need to remind ourselves to count our blessings.

I encourage you to spend some time this week with the scripture and with your thoughts. Make a list of those people and events for which you are grateful. Give thanks to God for all your blessings, both great and small. You may give thanks for shelter, family, health, a reasonable supply of necessary items and medicine. On Sunday, all God’s people will join together and give thanks for Jesus Christ who conquered death and gave us the gift of eternal life and a commandment to love. 

We may be home, we may be away from our church sanctuaries, we may be celebrating in new and different ways. No matter where we are or what we do, Christ will still be resurrected and we will still rejoice and give thanks to God.

Zoom link for both Maundy Thursday AND Good Friday (7PM): https://zoom.us/j/522310008
Zoom link for both Easter Sunrise Service (6:15AM) AND Easter Morning (10AM): https://zoom.us/j/7700997419
If you would like to join by phone, here are the details!
1.  Dial:          877 788 0099 (Toll Free)
2. Enter meeting ID followed by #:  7700997419#3. If the meeting has not already started Press # to wait.
4.  You will be prompted to enter your unique participant ID.  Press # to skip.
Good health, blessings and peace,
Pastor Sam 518-229-4128

Time to give-a message from council president

I miss seeing my church family. Pastor Sam has been having church service by way of Zoom. It is pretty easy – even for me. I hope you will take advantage of this way to stay connected.

I want to mention the church finances and find there is no easy way. We rely so much on our weekly collection and now we don’t have that. Some of you have sent in your collection for the month and I know that a few of you have an automatic deposit every week. We thank you so much. The church expenses continue and we just had to put a new oil tank in the parsonage. I am asking you to please try to continue your giving to the church. For those who don’t come regularly, your support would be so appreciated. You can send to:

Christ Our Emmanuel Church
19 Park Row
Chatham NY 12037

Any and all contributions are welcome. Thank you!

Posted on behalf of Jeannette Wilber

Seeking & serving with hope, love and faith in Chatham, New York