Member booklet

New member welcome booklet in the making!

On August 31st, our beloved and fantastic organist will be officially
making her membership official and we will officially welcome her into
official membership at Christ Our Emmanuel. In good Lutheran fashion, this
brings up two questions:

What does this mean?Charities-Non-Profits-Free-Membership
How is this done?

What this means is…. well…. what does it mean to you? Our parish
welcomed three new adult members on Confirmation Sunday when Sami,
Charlotte, and Garrett affirmed their Baptism before the gathered assembly.
Now that Cate is also joining officially (have I mentioned it’s kind of
going to be official?) it seems a sort of handbook is in order. A welcome
pamphlet, a new member guide. Granted, Cate has been with us for years, but
what does it mean, officially, that she’s becoming official? What does this
mean for you? What might it mean for her?

How is this done? Email or write down
and put into the offering plate on the next two Sundays, what does it mean
to you to be a member of Christ Our Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Chatham,
NY. I’ll compile these into a printed format which we can gift Cate with on
the 31st, which we can also use to encourage current members and to remind
ourselves what we expect and look forward to in this community.

We can always update this welcome booklet, especially after our meeting
with the Synod at the parish on September 8th (6-8pm) about the results of
our vitality survey – all are welcome and encouraged to come and listen and
share and celebrate the life Christ has given us and called us to!

Pastor Angela

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Church Tag Sale kicks off a busy July

Come one, come all, to the summer extravaganza!

Also known as Tag Sale! This weekend is the big fellowship and fundraiser for the parish. yardSaleWe’ll meet Wednesday 6pm at the parish to move everything from the garages to the Stalkers’ place. Then through Saturday we’ll set it up and sell it all ’till it’s gone (ask Patty or Linda or Linda for more details on helping out).

The sale runs Friday and Saturday; Thursday we will be setting up.
Many hands make light work for clean-up Saturday, or Sunday after worship if we don’t have the hands Saturday. While the proceeds from the sale tend to fund some of our major projects around the parish, the sale itself is also a great ministry opportunity, to reach out in fellowship and welcome to the greater Chatham community.

But wait, there’s more!

The following Sunday, July 20th, worship will be with our Reformed neighbors at Crellin Park. Bring a canned item for the food pantry, a lawn chair, and a dish to share. We’ll have worship at 10 am, followed with food and fellowship time together. Bring your kids, your friends, your neighbors, and have them each bring a canned good or other non-perishable item (whichever parish brings the most food to donate gets to soak the other parish minister). Bring your singing voice, your prayers, your sense of fun, and let’s have a party!

And just when you thought we’d had all the fun, there’s more!

The season of Pentecost continues as our kids go to camp, play ball, catch fireflies. It’s a perfect time for campfire stories, so we’ll have a bit of training after worship on the 27th for those who like to tell stories, who might share that gift with the parish by reading on a Sunday morning. Bring your calendars and sign up to read on a day of celebration – your birthday, anniversary, or other special day – so we can honor you as you share the word of the Lord with us in worship.

Pentecost blessings!
Pastor Nelson


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Gifts from God

Remember that tape outline on the wall at church that ISNT Texas? Yeah, it’s supposed to be a dove, one of the most easily identifiable symbols for the Holy Spirit. On Pentecost Sunday we put it up and filled it up with the gifts God has given us. Below, in no particular order, is the outcome of that gathering of gifts (though there is still room on that wall for more to be added):


Happ Birthday



Rabbit Love Owen


Playing basketball


Friendships in church to newcomers





art & music


loving spirit to others

being a mother






my pets

technology (iPad)


nurturing grandkids


joy in attending church and singing wonderful hymns

organizing events




I love dad & mom

I like strawberries

I love Madisyn and Riley

I love pops

I love Red Sox

I love sister

I love mom & dad

I like grandma

Now, that’s some list! And I’m pretty sure anybody who knows us can tell from the list who added what, and also who wasn’t there the day we put this together because their gifts aren’t on the list yet. Kind of fantastic. This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks. And that’s pretty exciting.

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From Deb:03-sleepingOneWeek


PS To the list, I would like to add this photo of my first grandchild. Bivi had a baby boy! Jackson Kasko was born on 6/5/14. 8 lbs. 9 oz. Everyone is doing great in Brooklyn!

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July 20 – picnic

picnic1Reveling in God’s good creation is a fantastic way to celebrate and worship together. We’ve been invited by our neighbors at the Reform parish to gather on July 20th at Crellin Park for just that purpose.

Hamburgers and hotdogs and drink and paper/plastic goods are provided, with all salads/dishes/fruit/desserts brought by members.

The permit/reservation is already set for that date and time, until about 3:00 pm – for the covered pavilion located in the back half of the park, including gas cooking grills.  Schedule is usually: 10 am outdoor worship, with picnic time and any games following. Bring your ball and glove, frisbee, hula-hoop, jump rope, bocce balls, croquet set, soccer ball, Scrabble game… you get the idea.

There’s also a twist, just for kicks – bring a non-perishable food item for the Chatham Food Pantry (or two! or three!) and we’ll challenge our Reform neighbors to do the same – whichever parish collects the most food for the pantry gets to dump water on the other parish’s minister.

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Confirmation today with Rev. Angela Nelson

Confirmation 2014 webPhoto by Doug

Smiles abound!


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Two things for the week between June 8 & 15

After a fantastic synod assembly this week, Pastor will be taking next week to work from home, so it will be a week ‘off’ for our Bible studies. We will resume our Tuesday Lectionary reading at Ralph’s on the 17th. For more on what went on during Assembly, check the synod webpage   One of the biggest goings on was the calling of a new Bishop, so we keep the current Bishop and her staff in prayer as they prepare for transition in September, as well as praying for Bishop-elect John Malchoz and his current parish in Rochester as they also prepare for this transition.

As we prepare to enter the season of Pentecost, please keep our confirmation students especially in your prayers. The rite of Confirmation will take place during worship on June 15th. All are invited to wear red and celebrate with Garrett, Samantha, and Charlotte, as they publicly lay claim to the promises their parents made on their behalf at their baptism, which are rooted in the promises our God made to us first when God claimed us in love.

-Pastor Angela

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Bill Wood 2014


Here is a photo of Bill Wood in the Memorial Day parade. He is retired Navy. Photo provided by Doug.

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