All Saints Sunday Celebration

Do you remember who first brought you to worship. Who carried you to the font, told you your first Bible stories, taught you your favorite hymns? God knows who they are and loves them still, even if they no longer walk among us.

allSaintsThis Sunday, in celebration of All Saints, we have added more votive candles to the space for remembering those dear to us who have died, and we will name them in our time together, accompanied with the ringing of the church bell. There will be some time for us to share our favorite hymns and memories of those dear saints within the worship service, too.

So come, gather again around the Word and the Meal and remember, even as God re-members us (puts us back together). Worship beings at 10am our time (after daylight savings takes effect) but the ritual stretches so far across time and space that God gathers us all around Word and Table no matter how our lives have been measured by time. It’s one of those glorious mysteries, when we pray the prayers around the Table, tell the Story that has been passed on through centuries, and no matter what numbers we see on a Sunday morning, the great cloud of witnesses walks with us, sings with us, celebrates with us. See you Sunday!
In the peace of the living Christ,

Pastor Nelson


Reformation Sunday is fast approaching (October 26th this year) and it is a fantastic day to celebrate the Word of God alive among us in Scripture. That day is also the last Sunday of the month, so children will be in worship with us all morning to lead our worship together. But once the final hymn is sung, we won’t be finished, we’ll have just begun!

Grab a coffee, grab a treat, sit right down and rest your feet. We’ll have stories, we’ll have fun. Bible stories for everyone!
Scripture was told like campfire stories for ages and ages before it was ever written down. Whole communities told these stories together as a way to remember who they are and how they live. Bring some of your favorite stories from Scripture to share, and Pastor will also introduce some of the ways we share the Bible together in worship.
While you’re up to gathering those stories, bring also the names of the saints who first taught those stories to you, and your favorite sung stories (we call them hymns) so we can remember to celebrate all the saints together on the first Sunday of November!
Pastor Angela

Use of the Means of Grace

This Sunday, like the fourth Sunday of every month during the school year, was Family Sunday. The kids learned last week in brother-and-sister-praySunday school about prayer, so this week they led our prayer in worship, along with a few other leadership roles. We’ve got a great bunch of children and families here growing in faith together. Fantastic, then, that the week’s quote from our national church’s document on worship calls us to celebrate our ministries of education and worship: “Proclamation of the Word includes the public reading of Scripture, preaching, teaching, the celebration of the sacraments, confession and absolution, music, arts, prayers, Christian witness, and service. the congregation’s entire educational ministry participates in the proclamation of the Word.”

Kids are great at real honest “God-talk,” otherwise called “theology.” You’re never too old, too young, or too ‘adult’ to ask questions – or to be part of telling the stories of our faith!

Pastor Angela

Why worship?

The Presiding Bishop of the ELCA has invited conversation on a document worked on and written by members of the ELCA (including our own James Slater) on the why and how of our 20020403 Worshippers On the Mountain of Godworship. For the remainder of the church year (end of Pentecost comes in November), there will be quotes from that document on the back page of our bulletin for our consideration and conversation. The document as a whole can be downloaded from the website:

The quote from this week’s bulletin pretty much sums it up: “In a world of yearning, brokenness, and sin, the Church’s clarity about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is vital. God has promised to come to all through the means of grace: the Word and the sacraments of Christ’s institution. While the Church defines for itself the customary practices that reflect care and fidelity, it is these means of grace that define the Church.”

Theology on Tap – every 3rd Tuesday [except October]

Please join us for Theology on Tap every 3rd Tue of the month starting in September and ending in December EXCEPT in October when we will meet on the 4th Tuesday (28th) from 7pm to 8:30pm. We will be meeting at the Peint O’ Gwrw in Chatham and having a theological study over a pint/food and reading The Augustine Catechism: The Enchiridion of Faith, Hope and Charity by Augustine of Hippo. If you are interested in joining please respond by Sept 16th to
augustineThe book can be ordered from Amazon

God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday Sept. 7

On Sunday September 7,2014 members of Christ our Emmanuel Lutheran Church will join nearly 10,000 congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in “God’s work Our hands” Sunday. On this Sunday, & furthermore throughout ELCA-GodsWork_OurHands_2the year, congregations complete various service activities to serve their communities in ways that share the love of God with all of God’s people; for the good of God’s people. Members of Christ our Emmanuel will be throughout the village of Chatham as well as in front of the church on Park Row & the town Hall in Ghent, collecting nonperishable food for the Chatham & Ghent food pantries. We will also be collecting school supplies for needy school children to be distributed by the food pantry as well.

The congregation of Christ our Emmanuel Lutheran Church has carried out other mission work to address hunger in our communities in the past as well. There have been donations of money to the pantries after concerts & other special events that the parish held. In addition the last Sunday of every month is “family Sunday” at the church where members are encouraged to bring in food items or donate money for the food pantry. Also a member took it upon herself to collect money for several weeks in a mason jar to be sent to ELCA World Hunger to help people in other parts of the world! To learn more about ELCA World Hunger visit

Members will begin collecting items after church service concludes @ approx. 11am on September 7th. The community is asked to help by donating non-perishable food &/or school supplies. Just look for the people with the bright yellow T-shirts in the community on that day & thank you!!

Patricia B.
Christ our Emmanuel Lutheran Church Secretary

Seeking & serving with hope, love and faith in Chatham, New York